SE3MX3 Signals and Systems --- TA materials (2015 Fall)

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Week 1​ Course book download link:

Week 2 Introduction
Week 3 Impulse response 

Week 4 Sampling PDF

Week 5 Frequency response (I also add solutions as requested!) PDF

Week 8 Read Sections 23 & 24 about Fourier series and transforms at

Week 9 Read Chap. 10 "The Four Fourier Transforms" (pp. 413--459).

- Table 10.5 on page 433

- (10.22) to (10.30) about CTFT and DTFT​

Week 10 Special review session. November 11, Wednesday, 6:30--7:30pm. Place: ABB 136

Block diagram exercises

Correct answers of Midterm II

Week 11 Matlab script for explaining Q5 in Midterm II. MidTerm2_Q5_InvDTFT.m.

Week 12 (Nov. 24) Assignment 7

Week 13 (Dec. 1) My handwritten solution of some questions in Practice Questions Set III

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