SE4X03 Scientific Computing --- TA materials (2016 Winter)

Review session: 1pm--3pm, April 21, Thursday, ITB 139

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Week 1. Matlab fundamentals

Week 2. Heath's book is a good reference. Find his lecture notes in the below link.


Week 4. Vectorized code for Assignment 1, Problem 9,

You may want to diff the code and learn some Matlab tricks :-)​​​

Week 5. My NOTES for two examples today  

SVN: Windows users use Tortoise SVN GUI (very handy);

Linux/OSX users are referred to

Week 7. Assignment 2, Problem 5, Matlab code: A2P5.m 

Marking Schemes for Midterm and A2

Week 8. Assignment 3. TUTORIAL NOTES

Please DO run this MarkingScript.m in your directory before and after your submit your code in SVN.

You can learn how the function fprintf prints text on screen or in files.

CORRECTION!!! The WEIGHTs used in the Simpson's rule should be: 1/6 for both end points, and 2/3 for the midpoint.

That is, I = ( f(a) + 4f((a+b)/2) + f(b) ) / 6​​

Week 12. Assignment 3 marking scheme

Hint of A4Q4: Write f(x)=(x-r)^2 * g(x), then plug f(x)/f'(x) in Newton iteration

x_{n+1} = x_n - f(x_n)/f'(x_n)

Then minus r on both hand sides, and notice the error terms are x_{n+1}-r=e_{n+1} and x_n-r=e_n.

Here you should be able to see something like

e_{n+1} = [e_n*g(x_n) + ......] / [2*g(x_n) + ......] 

Partial RK4 code I did in my tutorial:

f = @(t,y) [y(2), -y(1)];

​for i=1:NumberOfSteps

    k1 = f(told, yold);
    k2 = f(told, yold + h*k1/2);
    k3 = f(told, yold + h*k2/2);
    k4 = f(told, yold + h*k3);

    tnew = told+h;
    ynew = yold + h*(k1+2*k2+2*k3+k4)/6;
    T = [T; tnew];
    Y = [Y; ynew];

    told = tnew;

    yold = ynew;

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