Perform structural analysis by calling daeSA()

To perform structural analysis on the pendulum DAE pend.m, we run the script sa_pend.m:

G = 9.8; L = 10; n = 3;

sadata = daeSA(@pend, n, G, L);

% Obtain structural index and degrees of freedom

s_ind = getIndex(sadata)

DOF   = getDOF(sadata)

% Obtain size of the DAE, the DAE function handle, and parameters (stored in a cell array)

daeSize = getSize(sadata)

​daefcn = getDAEfhandle(sadata)

​param = getParam(sadata)

The main function daeSA() processes the DAE function pend.m and encapsulates the structural analysis data into an SAdata class object sadata. Using several "get" methods, we can obtain some basic SA result. The above script produces

s_ind =
daeSize =
daefcn = 
param = 
    [9.8000]    [10]

© Gary Guangning Tan, 2015